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Garment Construction Pre-recorded

Know everything about pattern making in this pre-recorded sessions.

Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you a Government Certified Program on “Dress Making Skills”.
This is also called as Garment Construction – which includes Drafting, Pattern Making and stitching.
Course Content :
Introduction :
Measurement System : Learn how to take body measurements and stictching measurements for Men, Women and Kids.
Fabric Visualization : This topic specifies all about fabrics before construction, holding of a fabric, buying your fabric , knowing the right fabric.
Tools : Learn all about tailoring tools needed for any kind of garment construction.
Drafting :
Drawing Block : Making a flat representation of pattern.
Scale Measurements : Knowing the pattern Metrics.
Flat bed drafting : Create a Pattern Replica.
Paper Pattern Making :
Flat Lay Reference Pattern Making.
3-D pattern making – make an actual pattern as per your garment representation.
Paper Cutting.
Garment Conceptualization :
Curating and designing your costume outfit.
Identification of Fabrics.
Drafting the Pattern on the outfit.
Garment Construction :
How to make your own outfit.
Cutting and Marking.
Folding and Manipulating fabrics.
What will you learn :
Women Outfits : Tops, Pants , Trousers, Salwar , kurtis, Blouse, Shirt, Skirts, Lehenga, dresses, palaazos, patiala.
Differet types of sleeves, necklines, darts, kallis, cuts and more..
Men Outfit :Shirt, Pants , Waist coat, Tie, Kurtas.
Kids Outfits : All different types of Kids Outfits – including frocks, rompers, bundies and much more.
Practical Training :
We will be doing all practical in drafting and pattern making, we will be making 4-5 garments with real fabric, and demonstarting all garments, we will also teach you entire garment stitching also for beginners.
This is a pre-recorded session.
Fees : 999/-
This is a Government Certified Workshop.
The recordings for the same will be available for Lifetime Access.

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