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Fusion Packaging Pre-recorded

Watch the amazing workshop on Tray Making And Decorating at just 99/-

Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you an amazing workshop on Fusion Packaging.

Tray Making and Decorating Workshop!!!

Trays are a crucial part of gifting today.
Trousseaus are incomplete and unfinished if these beautiful trays go missing..

Thus keeping in mind,
all small Knicks & knacks that are gifted..
MFA has specially curated this Tray Making Session.

  • Course Content :-

In this we will be covering different types of trays..
used for display,
Tray used as Ring platter, Trays used for Placement of wedding outfits and accessories..

Tray used to give dry fruits and sweet hampers..

Twirl Tray
An unique way of displaying your products.
A complete customized tray , made to steal the best of attention.

Pine wood Tray
Quick to make,
Easy to source
For end moment wedding rush,
This Tray will be a complete savior.

Indo – Fusion Tray
Another tray which will leave your clients and relatives astonished.
Blend of Indian fusion.
Can be used for display as well as packaging.
Made from scratch.

Flower arrangements.
This will be covered with all the above types of trays.

Broch Making
Make your customize broches.
With flowers and other various accessories.

Product Packaging
Once your tray making is done,
Next step is, How would you arrange and pack the products
We teach you how to make the most of it.

Fees :- 99/-
Pre-recorded workshop.

This is a Government Certified Workshop.

Recordings are shared for Lifetime Access.

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