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Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you a “Government Certificate Basic to Advance Fashion Designing Course”

In this course you will learn the art of designing, fabric selection, garment construction, fabric handling techniques, applying knowledge of fabric, coordinating colour and texture, monitoring quality and fit, and fashion sketching, marketing techniques and retail fashion production. Relevant practical exercises and projects are introduced throughout the course aimed at applying the theory and skills learnt. This course prepares you for the real world of the design professional: we teach you how to start and run your own fashion design business profitably

This course will be from basic to advance.

Course Content:

  • Fashion Design – A Brief History
    Fashion in 1900 Fashion in 1910s
    Fashion in 1920s Fashion in 1930s
    Fashion in 1940s Fashion in 1950s
    Fashion in 1960s & so on
  • Fashion Design – A Brief History
    Fashion in 1900 Fashion in 1910s
    Fashion in 1920s Fashion in 1930s
    Fashion in 1940s Fashion in 1950s
    Fashion in 1960s & so on
  • Fashion Forecasting
    Forecasting Areas, Forecasting
    Process, Cycles, Recurring Cycles
    Consumer Identification with
    Fashion Cycles Adoption of Fashion
  • The Process and Structure of the Fashion Industry
    The Process of Product Development
    The Design Practice Style Board Line
    Couturier Fashion Editors
  • Elements of Design
    Line Shape Texture and Colour
    Types of Design Structural Design
    Decorative Design
  • Principles of Design
    Proportion Balance Repetition
    Emphasis Harmony Rhythm
  • Dress Designing Essentials
    Four Dress Designing Essentials
    Unusual Figures
  • Colour and Dress Designing
    Prang Colour System Primary
    Colours Secondary Colours Tertiary
    Colour Application of Colour on
    Fashion Figure Basic Principles of
    Colour in Design
  • Choosing the Right Material
    Fibres Yarn Production Fabric
    Construction Weaving Dyeing
    Printing Finishing
  • Fashion Sketching
    Materials for Fashion Sketching
    Positions of Human Figure Head and
    Arms Sketching The Feet and Legs
    Dressing the Figure
  • Working With Patterns
    Patterns Pattern Types Laying Out
    the Pattern Marking Cutting
  • The Design Process
    How the Designers Work Basic
    Requirements of a Designer Theme
    Based -Designing Fashion
    Illustrations Use of Colour and
    Texture in Rendering Illustrations
  • Sewing Basics
    Measuring Tools Marking & Cutting
    Tools Taking Measurements
    Organising the Sewing Room Health
    & Safety Rules for Sewing Room
    Hand Stitches
  • Surface Decorations
    Joining Assembling a Garment
    Hemming Trimming Banding
    Beading Zippers
  • Costing a Garment
    Whole Sale Price Structure Costing
    Functions Whole Sale Pricing Cost
    Merchandising Over Heads Costs &
    Profits Sales Revenue
  • Running Fashion Design Business
    Purchasing of Piece Goods
    Production Scheduling Fashion
    Advertising Scheduling and Planning
    Media Special Events Fashion Shows

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn fashion design
  • Lifestyle Design/Fashion Design/Textile Design
  • How to Become a Fashion Designer
  • Artists, students and creative people
  • Who want to decide to pursue careers in this field.


When: 18th April – 18th October, 2022

New Batches starts every Monday.

Fees: 25,000

This is a Government Certified Course.

The Recording will be shared after each class for lifetime access.

For further details kindly contact : 8104996121.

Thank You.


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Enrolled: 20 students
Duration: 18th April - 18th January
Video: 2hrs