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Designer Soap Making Pre-recorded Session

this is a pre recorded workshop.
for any queries after buying the workshop WhatsApp on 9769671960
Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you a complete course in Soap Making, Soap Making is a traditionally practiced technique, its a combination of lye and oils.

Course Content :
1. Learn to make Soap from the Scratch.
2. Learn how to formulate Cold Process Soaps.
3. How to handle Equipment, sanitizing and more.
4. Learn to make designer Whip Cream Soaps.
5. Learn soap recipes as per skin types.
6. Learn to make cupcake soap.

Learn marketing, packaging and selling basics as per the above products.
Vendor details and all sourcing information will be shared at the end of the class.

Designer Soap Making [ INTRO , EP-01 ]
Designer Soap Making [ EP-02 ]
Designer Soap Making [ PPT & MAKING , EP-03 ]
Designer Soap Making [ PPT & MAKING , EP-04 ]
Designer Soap Making [ PPT & MAKING , EP-05 ]

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