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Basics Of Textile Pre-recorded

Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you an amazing workshop on the Basics of Textile.

Fees:- 99/-

Course Content:-

  • Fundamentals of Textile
  • Fundamentals of weaving
  • Classification of Fibres and its use
  • Fibre Classification – Types, Processing, Properties and Use of different materials (cotton, silk, jute, etc.
    Introduction to yarn

Course Outcome:-

  • It will help students get an in-depth understanding of fabric, its types, its classification, its properties, and its industrial application.
  • This course will guide you to understand different fabric types, classification of materials, which properties separate one material from the other, color characteristics, and where and how are these materials used in the industry.
  • This course is strategically designed to help students gain sound knowledge about the textile industry in an easy-to-understand language and engaging video content.

This is a Certified Workshop.
Recording will be for lifetime access.

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