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All About Beetroot Pre-recorded

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Watch our amazing workshop on All About Beetroot at just 99/-

Mumbai Fashion Academy brings to you a complete workshop on Beetroot.
Fees : 99/-
Beetroot is a very popular root vegetable,
Apart from its taste and health benefits it also has amazing beauty benefits to it.
Beetroot has natural oils that can penetrate and nourish your skin,
Keeping it hydrated and glowy!
It has great benefits for hair as well.
Course Content :

  • Beetroot Face Mask
  • Beetroot Glowing Skin Face Mask
  • Beetroot Face Cream
  • Beetroot Face Serum
  • Beetroot Lip And Cheek Face Tint
  • Beetroot Different Shades Of Natural Blush
  • Beetroot Lip Balm
  • Beetroot Hair Mask
  • Beetroot Scrub
  • Beetroot Gel

Learn about all properties of beetroot, benefits, cream, lotion and more.
Recording will be given for Lifetime access.
This is a certified workshop.

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